UAB „BAA Training“, legal entity code 300618099, address Dariaus ir Girėno g. 21, LT-02189 Vilnius, Lithuania (hereinafter – the “Company” or “we”), undertakes to ensure the security of personal data of the Website visitors (hereinafter – the “Visitors”) and the protection of rights when you are using our website (hereinafter – the “Website”) and the content contained therein.

By visiting the Website, the Company or the — service providers authorized by the Company use different technologies for storing data in order to make the use of the Website more convenient and secure, and to make the services offered more relevant.

This Cookie Policy is prepared in order to allow Visitors to learn more about the technologies used on the Website and how the Company uses them.



We use cookies on the Website. They allow to customize the Websitefor your needs, as well as facilitate browsing and use of our Website.

Cookies – what are they?

Cookies are small files (up to several kB) that your web browser places on your computer, tablet, or other smart device when visiting our Website. Cookies are common practice of web browsing, which facilitates the use of the website. They allow the Website to store data such as:

  • login data (IP address of the connecting device, login time, the city from which the connection is made);
  • type of browser;
  • demographic data (group of age, gender);
  • data on how you browse the Website (sections which you are visiting, services which you are interested in).

Purposes on using cookies

By using cookies we seek:

  • to ensure efficient and safe functioning of the Website; we use cookies to maintain our security features that help detect and find inappropriate behaviour on our Website;
  • improve the functioning of the Website; by monitoring the use of cookies, we can improve the functioning of the Website and electronic services, develop existing services, and improve functionality; analyze the operation when you visit our Website from other sites, other devices;
  • recognize the returning Website Visitors; they help to show relevant information to Visitors; it also helps to prevent the re-registration and filling of questionnaires for permanent Visitors;
  • analyze your habits in order to make the functioning of the Website convenient, effective and to meet your needs and expectations, for example, ensuring that you can easily find everything you are looking for;
  • measure the flows of information and data sent to our Website; we use cookies to collect statistics on the number of users who visit the Website and use of electronic services;
  • targeted marketing, advertising; by using cookies, we can collect information in order to provide advertisements or content for a specific browser by creating different targeting groups; we may use cookies in order to display suitable advertisements both on our Website and beyond it.

We can, without violating the law, combine the information obtained through the use of cookies with the information received about you by other means, e.g., information on the use of services, e-self-service and etc.



Each time you visit our Website, long-term cookies that remain on your computer after your check-out and will be used when you visit our Website once again may be created; they are valid and are not deleted after you have finished browsing the Website, and/or short-term (session) type cookies that expire and are deleted after you have finished browsing the Website.

  • All cookies used by us, except the essential cookies, may only be used with your consent. You may express your consent to use cookies in the following ways:
    by clicking on the “I Accept” button on the top of the page at the cookie bar;
  • by turning the cookies on or off in cookie settings.

We would like to draw your attention that the essential cookies are a condition of using the Website. If you opt out of these cookies, we cannot be aware on how and even whether our Website will function.

We provide you with the list of the main cookies we use on the Website, by type, data collected, and expiration date below.


2.1. Cookies used on the Website by the Company

Essential cookies

These cookies on the Website are indispensable for you to browse and use functions of the Website, e.g., to remember the information entered in the forms during the session, to access the protected sites of our Website. It would not be possible to provide you with certain services of the Website without these cookies, the Website would not function or would function less smoothly than it should.

The following essential cookies are used on the Website:

  • Sessions
  • Cookie Law Info — Determines if the user has accepted the ability to load cookies.
  • Cloudflare — The __cfduid cookie is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. — Privacy policy
  • Google Analytics — Opt outPrivacy policy
  • — Privacy policy
  • Youtube — Opt outPrivacy policy


Promotional, target marketing cookies

These cookies allow us to capture your visit to our Website, the pages you visited before, and the links you followed. Then, we will use this information in order that the ad, which appears on our Website, would correspond to your interests. Promotional and target marketing cookies allow us to know if you have already seen a particular ad or a certain type of ad, and how much time has passed since you saw it. We may use cookies set by another person to provide you with more targeted advertising. They are also used in order to see certain ads for a limited number of times and to help measure the effectiveness of ad.


The following promotional, target marketing cookies are used on the Website:


2.2. Cookies used by third-parties

Third-parties advertising cookies – some of the ads that you see on the Website are posted by other entities. Some of these entities use their own cookies to analyze how many people saw a particular ad or how many people saw it more than once. Companies creating such cookies apply their own privacy policies and we have no influence on the creation or storage of such cookies. We encourage you to review the privacy or cookie policies of these companies, which are posted on their webpages.

Other third-parties cookies – other entities (for instance, social network managers) may also use their own anonymous cookies on some pages of the Website to tailor their applications or programs to your needs.

Due to the specificity of the cookies operation, our Website does not have access to the information that is transmitted by these cookies, as well as other entities do not have access to the information collected by our cookies.

The most important third-parties cookies used on the Website:

Essential cookies:

  • Cloudflare — The __cfduid cookie is used to identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis. — Privacy policy 
  • — Privacy policy

Functional cookies:

Analytical cookies


We use a web analytics service “Google Analytics” provided by Google, Inc. The information collected by “Google Analytics” is transmitted and stored by Google. Google may transfer the information collected by “Google Analytics” to third parties when required by law or when third parties manage information on behalf of Google.

We encourage you to review the privacy and cookie policy of Google, which you can find here:

Target, promotional cookies:


How cookies are used for promotional purposes?

Cookies and other advertising technology, e.g., pixels and tags, help us to deliver the necessary ads more effectively. They also help us to provide our advertisers with researches and reporting, understand and improve our services, and know when the content has been shown to you.



Many web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. Visitors may block or delete cookies and similar unique identifiers at their own discretion.

  • Visitors can manage, accept or decline cookies using the following methods:
    changing your Internet browser settings so that it does not accept cookies. How to do this depends on the Visitor’s operating system and web browser. For detailed information on cookies, their use, opt-out, please visit website or;
  • by using settings of the Website’s cookies.

However, we would like to draw your attention that the essential cookies are a condition of using the Website. If you opt out of these cookies, we cannot be aware and guarantee how and even whether our Website will function. However, if you refuse or block cookies or other similar technologies, some of the Website features may not be available to you or they may not function as smoothly as they could.



This Cookie Policy may be updated by the Company. The Company will inform Visitors about updates by submitting a new version of the Cookie Policy on the Website, together with the dates of the corrections made. Visitors understand that by continuing to use the Website after the updates to Cookie Policy, they unconditionally agree with the changes made.

If any provision of this Cookie Policy is acknowledged as void or inapplicable, the validity and application of the remaining provisions of this Cookie Policy shall not be affected.

This Cookie Policy applies to all Visitors of the Website from the date of its publication on the Website.

Мы используем файлы cookie и другие подобные технологии, чтобы помогать предоставлять наши Услуги, рекламировать вам и анализировать, как вы используете наши Услуги и просматриваются ли рекламные объявления. Мы также разрешаем третьим сторонам использовать технологии отслеживания для аналогичных целей. Если вы используете наши Услуги через браузер, вы можете ограничить, заблокировать или удалить файлы cookie в настройках своего веб-браузера. Узнать больше, Читать далее.

Необходимые Cookies

Всегда включен

Эти файлы cookie необходимы для правильной работы нашего веб-сайта и не могут быть отключены в наших системах. Обычно они устанавливаются только в ответ на ваши действия, которые равносильны запросу на услуги, например, установка ваших предпочтений конфиденциальности, вход в систему или заполнение форм, или когда они необходимы для предоставления вам запрошенных вами услуг. Вы не можете отказаться от этих файлов cookie. Вы можете настроить свой браузер так, чтобы он блокировал или предупреждал вас об этих файлах cookie, но если вы это сделаете, некоторые части сайта не будут работать. Эти файлы cookie не хранят никакой личной информации.
Файлы Cookies
Эти файлы cookie позволяют нам подсчитывать посещения и источники трафика, чтобы мы могли измерять и улучшать производительность нашего сайта. Они помогают нам узнать, какие страницы наиболее и наименее популярны, и увидеть, как посетители перемещаются по сайту, что помогает нам оптимизировать ваш опыт. Вся информация, собираемая этими файлами cookie, является агрегированной и, следовательно, анонимной. Если вы не разрешите использование этих файлов cookie, мы не сможем использовать ваши данные таким образом.
Целевые Cookies
Эти файлы cookie могут быть установлены через наш сайт нашими рекламными партнерами. Эти компании могут использовать их для создания профиля ваших интересов и показа релевантной рекламы на других сайтах. Они не хранят напрямую личную информацию, а основаны на уникальной идентификации вашего браузера и интернет-устройства. Если вы не разрешите использование этих файлов cookie, вы получите менее адресную рекламу.
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