BAA Training has a pool of 25 instructors for Embraer 170/190 Type Rating all around the World.


The shortest time BAA Training issued a certificate from the first lead was 6 weeks.

Ground school locations

BAA Training has conducted Ground School part in 66 locations worldwide.


BAA Training has issued nearly 700 licences for pilots from all over the world.

Embraer 170/190 type rating

EASA approved Type Rating Training for your crew can be designed in line with company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

Ground School part might be arranged even at your premises or other convenient location if needed.

The expertise in training, knowledgeable instructors and a Full Flight Simulators network allow to offer flexible solutions for all your training needs.

Embraer 170/190 leases

Dry and Wet lease of Full Flight Simulators and Instructors is available upon request.

Dry Lease

EASA Certified Embraer 170/190 simulators of a wide partners’ network of BAA Training are available for Dry Lease.

Wet Lease

A large pool of instructors and access to full flight simulators that are located all over the world are at your service for Wet Lease.

Instructor lease

BAA Training offers instructor lease for type rating, cabin crew, and additional training, as well as examination, base and line. A number of professionals are available, depending on your needs.

Cabin crew training

A professional flight attendant is the face of your airline. Make it the most attractive to your clients. Many years of training experience allow us to take care of your cabin crew needs starting with the candidate selection (professional assessment), based on your airline’s requirements, and ending with ready to fly cabin crew for all major aircraft type. Professional instructors will prepare your cabin crew to deliver performance based on the highest standards in the market. For your convenience, the initial flight attendants’ training can be provided together with conversion training. Our conversion course is tailored to get the cabin crew acquainted with a specific aircraft type. BAA Training works with airlines from around the world to provide world-class aviation training. No matter where you are on the planet, you can get an access to cabin crew training!

Qualification courses

Your aviation personnel can complete all of the qualification courses at BAA Training.

MCC training

The course is designed to improve the skills of optimum decision making, communication, diversion of tasks and use of checklists, mutual supervision, teamwork and support through all stages of flight under any conditions.

Recurrent training

Obligatory Recurrent Type Rating training is provided in accordance with the BAA Training or an airline’s approved programme.

Train the trainer initial course

Train the Trainer course is tailored for future instructors who aspire to become qualified and professional experts in adult training

TRI/SFI training

The course is an opportunity to train your own Type Rating or Synthetic Flight Instructors and save costs on instructor lease.

TRE/SFE training

The completion of the course provides a needed qualification for a Type Rating or Synthetic Flight Examiner (TRE/SFE).

ZFTT training

The Zero Flight Time Training course is an equal-quality substitute to otherwise mandatory Base-flight training for converting your pilots’ licences to a different type of aircraft.

Upgrade to a captain

The qualification course is an opportunity for the pilots to boost their career and is initiated upon request of an airline. While tensely collaborating with airlines it is aimed to provide the best training for the future captains.

Embraer 170/190 full flight simulators network

Embraer 170/190 Full Flight Simulators’ network is network is extended across Europe.


Up-to-date certificates and approvals can be found on our website. The team of BAA Training could assist you in obtaining a certificate for training on our partners’ simulators as well.


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