Boeing 747 leases

Dry and Wet lease of Full Flight Simulators and Instructors is available upon request.

Dry Lease

EASA Certified Bombardier Boeing 747 simulators of a wide partners’ network of BAA Training are available for Dry Lease.

Wet Lease

A large pool of instructors and access to full flight simulators that are located all over Europe are at your service for Wet Lease.

Cabin crew training

A professional flight attendant is the face of your airline. Make it the most attractive to your clients. Many years of training experience allow us to take care of your cabin crew needs starting with the candidate selection (professional assessment), based on your airline’s requirements, and ending with ready to fly cabin crew for all major aircraft type. Professional instructors will prepare your cabin crew to deliver performance based on the highest standards in the market. For your convenience, the initial flight attendants’ training can be provided together with conversion training. Our conversion course is tailored to get the cabin crew acquainted with a specific aircraft type. BAA Training works with airlines from around the world to provide world-class aviation training. No matter where you are on the planet, you can get an access to cabin crew training!

Additional training

RFFT & Smoke training

This training programme is designed to provide sufficient theoretical knowledge and practical skills of firefighting and operations in smoke environment. The training prepares aircraft crew for identifying different types of fire, exercising firefighting procedures, using proper type of extinguisher, and taking preventive measures. Theory and practical training takes 1 day in total. The practical training is conducted in RFFT (Real Fire Fighting Trainer).

Dangerous goods training

Dangerous goods training provide knowledge and tools to aircraft crew members in order for them to ensure the safe transportation of dangerous goods by air. The training complies with the latest requirements of ICAO and IATA. Course content covers limitations, packages, marking, and labelling, documentation; storage and loading, NOTOC, reporting, emergency situations and other parts which are required by the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Chapter 1.5.

Also, the courses can be designed according to customer requirements. However, customised courses have to be approved by the relevant authority.

Ditching and Water training

Ditching and Water training programme is designed to provide students with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills of ditching and water survival procedures.

After the completion of this training course the crew will become familiar with environment and the equipment used during aircraft ditching and for water survival, will know the facts and aspects that influence successful ditching and water survival as well as realise their responsibility as survivor managers.

Boeing 747 full flight simulators network

Boeing 747 Full Flight Simulators’ network is extended across Europe.

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