Competency-based Pilot Training
20 Feb

BAA Training Adopts Competency-based Pilot Training

BAA Training, one of the TOP 3 biggest independent aviation training centres in Europe, becomes one of the first training providers to add a new non-technical module into its training syllabus – NTS training. With this module pilot training moves away from factual knowledge training toward competency-based training.

The academy prepared this program according to a new requirement from EASA to implement a new training course Area 100 KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes), which will be mandatory for every training provider from 2022.

Competency-based Pilot TrainingThe need for non-technical training was born when a strong relationship between pilots and accidents was discovered. According to an analysis of fatal aircraft accidents worldwide (2010-2011), more than half of these accidents were primary caused by the flight crew actions. It was also shown that lack of non-technical skills was the main reason of 32% of the accidents – more than twice, compared to the accidents caused by lack of flight crew handling skills (14%).

Competency-based Pilot TrainingBecoming an early adopter of non-technical module into its training syllabus, BAA Training focuses on prior contribution to aviation security by responsibly preparing future pilots not only for their examination but also for their career in the future. Therefore, a new non-technical module in theoretical training is designed for students to develop skills and competences important for a successful pilot career leadership, co-operation, teamwork, communication and other. They will be challenged to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice involving their decision-making abilities and their capacity to think under pressure, identify and correctly manage threats and errors, developing the right attitudes at assessing a problem to find the correct solution.

By having long-time experience in working and maintaining strong relationships with various airlines, we now take the first step towards a competency-based training, as the need for this has long been known. With a newly-designed NTS training module we aim to meet this demand and thus to enhance the pilots’ core competences and their ability to make informed decisions. We believe, after completing this additional module, students will be able to become not only more successful pilots but also be more competitive on the market,” explains EgleVaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

NTS training module will be available for all new students at BAA Training from March 2019.