27 May

BAA Training invites to open the door to the TRTO environment

For the very first time BAA Training invites all who are interested in Type rating training organization to the Open Door Day. The event will be held on the 18th of June at BAA Training headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, during which European standard aviation training center will open the door not only to the aviation training areas, but also to the competitive aviation labor market! Market statistics, trends, prospects, airline hiring trends from all over the world, and much more information about the aviation training will be presented to the attendees.

The rising number of world’s fleet draws attention to the increasing demand for pilots and ground handling personnel. This will be one of the topics covered during the Open Door Day. Also, the growing number of air passengers is dictating the airline and manufacturer strategy changes in order to meet the demand and satisfy all travelers. This results in the increased amount of aircraft manufacturing and purchasing, however, without the pilot inside and maintenance personnel on the ground to take care of it, the airplane becomes just a useless machine. Regional markets are slowly being forced to create strong foundation for the training of qualified pilots or try to find appropriate solutions.

BAA Training counts more than 20 years of experience in aviation training, while its heritage reaches 1938 – the establishment of the Lithuanian airlines training department.  Building on its experience, BAA Training is feeling potent to answer questions, such as – what aviation will look like in the near future? What are further aircraft tendencies? What is important when looking for a pilot job?

With an interactive and informative mixture of presentations and panel discussions, TRTO Open Doors Day is for novice and experienced pilots from all the corners of the globe. It is perfect for everyone trying to find the most appropriate type rating training organization, and those who are interested in exploring industry job trends, and skill development options.