29 Feb

Geographical student expansion changes the face of the academy

The end of February marked the beginning of Ab Initio ATPL Integrated and PPL license training courses for the new group of students at BAA Training. European standard flight training school welcomed a very multicultural group that is comprised of students from New Zealand, Bulgaria, France, Taiwan, Iran, Latvia, and the Netherlands. The age of the students range from 18 to 44 years and they all arrived to the aviation academy to fulfill their own dreams and goals.

This type of geographical student expansion is a positive sign of academy’s growth both quality and market share vise. “We are happy to welcome such cultural, national, and age diversity to our aviation academy as this proves the power of aviation to break any boundaries and the desire to follow the dreams ignoring the age or any other social standards”, commented Ms. Indre Sveistryte, Director of Ab Initio School at BAA Training.

The students who enrolled in ATPL Integrated course are the first ones to be eligible to receive BAA Training scholarship which has been planned and introduced to the public late last fall. “This group is particularly important for us because one of them will be granted with BAA Training scholarship for the outstanding academic achievements. This is our flight school’s attempt to prepare motivated professionals for the aviation industry by helping and incentivizing those who are talented and want to achieve greatness”, resumed Ms. Indre Sveistryte.

The new group of students chose ATPL Integrated or PPL license courses for airplanes, however, some of the PPL (A) students will continue to pursue their commercial pilot licenses by completing full CPL Modular course. All these students by the end of the summer will already undergo their first solo flights. Currently, academy is a home for almost 120 students from 33 countries who are enrolled in ATPL Integrated, CPL Modular, PPL (A) and PPL (H) courses, as well as Aviation Management and Engineering Science in Aviation Transport and pilot license degree programs.