22 Feb

BAA Training extends its VIP Cabin Crew training possibilities

BAA Training, EASA standard aviation training center, has recently added a new training course to its VIP Cabin Crew training services list. Henceforth the Conversion training course for business aviation personnel is available at the company.

This training course is orientated to business aviation companies and is aimed to train all business aviation personnel, including VIP cabin crew. The Conversion training course is applicable to any aircraft type with a maximum passenger seating configuration of 19 seats or less if air operator voluntarily decided to provide it to cabin crew members or employees. The course introduces the specific aircraft type: its systems, safety and service equipment and its use as well as type related standard operating and standard emergency procedures.

“More and more private jet charters are concerned to have professionally trained cabin crew. It is important that flight attendants are familiar with the aircraft, emergency and rescue equipment. They should also be aware of all the proper actions in case of security threat, and be able to ensure a professional assistance for both, passengers and flight crew”, comments Inga Cainikoviene, Deputy Head of Training for Cabin Crew Training at BAA Training. “Due to the rapid growth of business aviation market, charters have to brace up in order to stand out from others by offering not only outstanding service but also professionally trained employees.”

In the end of last autumn BAA Training has presented a brand-new VIP Cabin Crew training course. It is a niche product in the market and stands out from the similar type of training due to its special focus on a practical training part. VIP Cabin Crew training is designed for both, individuals and airlines, and could be combined in different packages depending on the clients’ needs.