30 Nov

BAA Training established a scholarship for the outstanding student

BAA Training, the aviation training centre based in Vilnius (Lithuania), is proudly announcing the student-pilot scholarship establishment. The scholarship is aimed to provide assistance to the most devoted and academically outstanding student. Only the students of ATPL Integrated group will be eligible for the scholarship.

Today’s market circumstance that has developed in aviation industry dictates the rules where student-pilots now have to cover their own tuition. That being said, over the years of working with various airlines, BAA Training has arrived to the mutual agreement that a lot of times those students, who are highly motivated and have the right skills to become pilots, need some financial support in order to join the pilot community. Therefore, the purpose of BAA Training pilot scholarship is to meet the demand of the market which is in an urgent need of professional and well trained pilots. At the same time, airlines all around the world look for aviation training centers which provide quality training to the carefully selected candidates. In this situation, BAA Training’s role, as a quality aviation training provider, is to give everyone who has capabilities and necessary skills an opportunity to become pilots. And for those who meet all the requirements but might need financial support, BAA Training is offering a chance to apply for a pilot scholarship.

“The word pilot encompasses in itself a lot more than just being able to fly. In order to be successful and be employed right after Ab Initio School, candidates must be motivated, have the right skill set, and that x-factor that makes the pilot stand out and show the best results from the very beginning. We have established the financial support project at BAA Training because those are the successful student-pilots and we want them at our academy”, commented Indrė Šveistrytė, Ab Initio Director at BAA Training.