23 Sep

Growing demand for UAVs – new opportunities in the aviation market

If we recently heard a lot about the shortage of IT professionals and the growing demand of them in the market, then, looking from the near future prospective, UAVs’ (also known as drones) market with an increasing demand for its specialists should appear aside. It is estimated, that during a few upcoming years industry will grow in such volumes that we will have to roll up our sleeves in order to keep up.

According to the report, published by aviation consulting group “Teal Group” in 2014, the expenditure on a global scale for UAVs is expected to double in the next ten years: instead of current worldwide UAV expenditure of $ 6.4 billion annually, it will rise to $ 11.5 billion, totaling to almost $ 91 billion in the next ten years. 14% of the spending will be generated by the civil aviation UAVs sector. Meanwhile, market research company “Markets and Markets” forecast a 109.3% annual growth rate for the commercial UAVs market. The numbers are really impressive and highly promising for the aviation market.

Need for qualified specialists

Along with a dynamic and incredibly fast-growing drones market, the need of UAVs’ professionals will also grow significantly. So everyone, seeking an interesting, up-and-coming profession and new career opportunities should seriously accept this statement. Consider the employment possibilities in the area which offers almost unlimited growth potential in each of its commercial market sectors. The market will be in a great demand for UAVs’ pilots, engineers, project managers and other specialists – career opportunities are wide and diverse.

Well of course, the market will be thirsty for pilots the most, who has the know-how and are well trained to pilot unmanned vehicle. At first sight, it seems that operating the drone is so easy that almost everyone could do it. However, a special training, which provides a person with the knowledge and practical skills, is very important. The course, which is regulated by EASA, completion certificate for the future employer confirms and ensures that the candidate knows both, general aviation and UAVs’ operation rules, and is able to use them in practice. Thus, if an employer has to choose between two candidates – the one with the certificate and the one without – he would definitely choose the first one.

In addition, it is also important to note that over the next two years the general pan-European regulations for UAVs’ operation is planned to be released. It means that quite soon only those who have UAV pilot license would be permitted to pilot unmanned aircraft. This will ensure that drones are operated by qualified pilots and used only for a purpose. Such regulations already exist in the USA and the UK – these countries have a responsible approach to drones operation efficiency and safety assurance.

Prospects of commercial practices

Planning to get a UAV pilot license – what will be ahead of you? There are many areas and opportunities to use your knowledge. Many fields of commercial market are waiting until its niches will be filled of qualified professionals.

You could realize yourself in companies, providing delivery services, as well as logistics, security and law enforcement, search and rescue, film and television industries, news gathering, oil and gas industry, agriculture, real estate sphere. And this list of commercial markets, using UAVs, is constantly growing with more areas, adapting drones to its needs.

Experiments with drones are being done even in such non-commercial areas as medicine. For instance, a graduate of Delft University of Technology, Alec Momont, has recently introduced a drone containing a should serve the emergency functions and help to save someone’s life in cases of cardiac arrest. It is a big revolution in medicine.

In conclusion, UAVs market’s forecasts paint a positive picture of the aviation industry. So if you are somehow interested in drones, then it is a perfect time to turn your hobby into a promising career in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing markets in the world. For that reason BAA Training has already prepared a special UAV/UAS pilot training course which allows you to become a professional unmanned aircraft pilot and start your career.