30 Jul

Baltic Aviation Academy received Certificate of the Cabin Crew Initial Training organisation

On 22nd of July, aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy received Certificate of the Cabin Crew Initial Training organisation, which was issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Lithuania (CAA). Under the Certificate the training centre is now approved to provide Initial Cabin Crew training course according to EASA regulations.

“This EASA approved Certificate is another step forward for the company. Owning this Certificate now means that we can offer a wider range of services to our clients worldwide while preparing an overall services package. We are often asked by airlines to prepare their cabin crew under the new EASA regulations, and starting from now, we are fully able to meet their needs”, comments Inga Cainikoviene, Deputy Head of Training for Cabin Crew Training at Baltic Aviation Academy.

The aim of Initial Cabin Crew training course is to introduce the students to the aviation environment and to acquire general knowledge and basic proficiency, which is required to perform the responsibilities related to the safety of passengers and flight during normal, abnormal and emergency operations. The course content includes 9 modules, 5 of which cover safety matters throughout theoretical and practical preparation, and other modules cover subjects of First Aid, CRM, Dangerous Goods, and Security. Graduates of Initial Cabin Crew training course receive certificate, confirming the course completion, which is recognized in all EASA countries.

Along with the newly received Certificate the student group has already started the training on July 27th. It is the first cabin crew training group of Baltic Aviation Academy as an approved Cabin Crew Initial Training organization.

Baltic Aviation Academy provides a full range of EASA aviation training for the EASA countries, CIS, Middle East and Asia Pacific. The training solutions includes Ab Initio pilot training, various type rating training courses, cabin crew, helicopter pilot training and ground handling training courses.