27 Jul

Maybe ATR 42/72 for a change?

So recently Boeing released its new market outlook for the upcoming 20 years. The good news is, that the numbers continue to be impressive on all levels. The industry continues growing, aircraft delivery adding up with every year, thus more than 500 k new pilots and over 600 k technicians on demand in nearest 20 years. The Asia Pacific keep developing and leading the aviation industry. In other words, same good news.

However, since we are done considering whether the career in aviation is perspective or not (and if you still don’t get it, the answer is YES) we approach the next step. The step of choosing correctly.

As the aviation academy we provide training for 18 different aircraft types. 83% of all the training that we deliver per year is Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 various pilot and cabin crew training. And that make sense, since these two major manufacturers make two most popular aircraft in the world. However, isn’t it harder to outshine competitors when there are so many of them? Why not to explore other aircraft types to ensure your smooth career? Maybe ATR 42/72 for a change?

Let’s compare. Can we?

You know how there is a part of pilots devoted to the Boeing and others for the Airbus? Yeah, so this is an absolutely different thing. It would be too difficult to compare turboprop ATR aircraft with any jet aircraft. Everything is said in these two words: turboprop and jet. However, just to show you the difference, here are some numbers: ATR 72-600 fuel cost per nautical mile approximately $10.13 – Boeing 747-8 cost $48.04. Max range of same series ATR is 891 nautical miles, while Boeing reaches 8000 nautical miles. Max cruise altitude 21,000 ft with ATR and 43,000 ft with Boeing. Cruise speed: 275 knots vs 497 knots in favor of Boeing. We could go on and on with is, until we reach one crucial fact. ATR 72-600 cost approximately $19 million, while Boeing 747-8 $300 million. It is much more economical to operate a turboprop than a jet. Period.

Where? Who? And how many?

After making its first flight in 1984 in Toulouse, today ATR has 1489 aircraft worldwide. The biggest number of these aircraft is being operated in Europe – 364, following with the expanding Asia Pacific region – 339 aircraft, North America – 204, Latin America – 124 and Africa and Middle East 112 ATR aircraft.

Among the ATR company clients you can find such airline names like: Cebu Pacific, Air Austral, Borajet, Vietnam Airlines, UTair Aviation, PIA, Eurolot, Czech Airlines, Bankok Airways, Alitalia Express, Air Mandalay and many, MANY more.

In 2015 Paris Air Show ATR made few important announcements regarding the aircraft improvements, such as revising and improving of the air conditioning systems, increasing seating density on the smaller aircraft with a new slimline seats. But most importantly ATR announced another milestone of theirs: the 1500th aircraft order made by the Japan Air Commuter (JAC), which also is the first Japanese carrier ordering the ATR aircraft.

So why not to consider ATR 42/72 for YOUR type rating qualification. Just saying.