5 Aug

Baltic Aviation Academy receives Malaysia DCA approval

Baltic Aviation Academy, aviation training centre, has been approved by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) of Malaysia. Training centre has been audited, and received approval as Approved Training Organization (ATO) to provide Boeing 737-600/900 Type Rating training and Base training.

Document is issued for Baltic Aviation Academy and its Boeing 737-800 Full Flight Simulator located in Amsterdam. Certificate issued by Malaysia DCA allows providing aviation training courses for Commercial Pilot License holders. In addition to that, Malaysia Airlines also conducted and audit of Baltic Aviation Academy training centre, its documentation, training programs and resources.

It is already a third approval for Baltic Aviation Academy from Asia Pacific region Civil Aviation Authorities. During the last year Baltic Aviation Academy has been approved by China and Philippines authorities.

Approvals for different aircraft type rating training courses had been also issued to Baltic Aviation Academy by the European Union countries, Brazil, China, Philippines, Nigeria, Belarus, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Israel.