30 Sep

Pilots Excursions to Trakai and Kernave

Baltic Aviation Academy is pilot training center. However after the difficult aviation theory lectures and slots in the full flight simulators (FFS), the pilots have to recharge and get back their strength. Client service offer – excursions to Trakai and Kernave “In between your type rating training”.

While staying in Lithuania everyone must visit Trakai and Kernave — two historical capitals surrounded by amazing vivid nature. Trakai is famous for being the only castle on water in the whole Eastern Europe. The residence place of Karaites will offer you national cuisine, cozy atmosphere of the small town and relaxing entertainments for you to run away from the daily routine. Kernave, the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, will impress you with turns of the Neris River, the island of the river and its banks open from the tops of them.