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Lead the industry with an ambitious, responsible and flexible business outlook which creates the added-value for the clients, partners, shareholders and employees.


Provide clients with the flexible aviation training solutions that are the driving force behind the safer aviation industry. Simultaneously, fulfil our ambitious growth and responsible business practice development.

Core Values

People – by connecting with our clients and colleagues on a personal and professional level, together we are able to achieve the set goals.


Responsibility – the value we create for our clients is the reflection of the mature approach to our daily work, people, and industry.


Ambition – we reach higher, work harder, seek for the better, and thus provide more.


Value creation – we strive to increase the welfare of our employees, clients and stakeholders through the focused work and customised solutions.


Flexibility – ever changing circumstances are met with the fast adaptation to the customer and market needs.

Enhance your aviation business

Aligned with EASA requirements, our problem-solving approach towards aviation training opens up the possibility of flexible and innovative ways of service delivery.

Full flight simulators

BAA Training is able to offer training solution in 86 full flight simulators.

Training locations

Clients have an opportunity to choose the most convenient training location out of 30 available across the globe.


315 professional instructors of 32 nationalities provide students with quality aviation training services.

Flight hours

Since its establishment BAA Training students have accumulated 2.000.000 flight hours in full flight simulators.


An internationally recognised training academy in the aviation industry, BAA Training is oriented towards delivering individual and flexible solutions to companies worldwide. A comprehensive list of EASA approved training programmes and almost 20 years of experience on the market allow us to meet the training needs of the global aviation community and become trusted business partner for airlines.

BAA Training is certified Approved Training Organization (ATO), which offers Fixed and Rotary wing Ab Initio, Type Rating, Cabin Crew, Ground Handling, Flight Dispatcher, training solutions including online training courses and dry or wet full flight simulator lease.



  1. Foundation of the academy

    The establishment of flyLAL Training Centre fully owned by flyLAL Group. The centre provided training for B737CL and SAAB 2000 pilots and cabin crew.

  2. First simulation training equipment

    Acquisition of the first full flight simulator – Boeing 737 – deployed at the HQ of the academy.

    Installation of the Real Fire Fighting Trainer for Firefighting and Smoke training at the HQ of the academy.

  3. Change of the name

    Due to the implementation of a new business strategy, the academy changes its name into Baltic Aviation Academy.

  4. Further expansion

    Acquisition of the Airbus A320 full flight simulator installed at the premises of the academy in Vilnius.

    Acquisition of the first Cessna 150 marks the inception of the Ab Initio Flight School.

    Establishment of a new business line – SimHelp – complements the list of training services by dedicated simulator maintenance assistance and provision of spare parts.

    Avia Solutions Group, parent company of Baltic Aviation Academy, debuts on Warsaw Stock Exchange.

  5. Creation of the advanced IT solution

    Foundation of MOMook, intelligent business management software, designed specifically for aviation training centres expands the scope of the services offered for business clients.

  6. ATO under EASA requirements

    Aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy receives approved training organisation certificate under EASA.

    Order of the FNPT trainer for Ab Initio Flight School training.

  7. Rebranding for the international expansion

    Baltic Aviation Academy becomes BAA Training. The name change marks the stage of the company’s expansion and the overriding need for an internationally recognizable brand.

    Opening of an internal competence development centre Emblick indicates a rapid growth of the staff of the academy and a necessity to offer tailored employee training solutions.

  8. New opportunities for clients

    Purchase of the Airbus A320 touch screen trainer allows to get better prepared for flight training on the full flight simulator and save time and costs for clients.

    Initiation of the first Cadet Programme.

  9. First helicopter cadet programme

    Kick-off of the first Helicopter Cadet Programme.

  10. Acquisition of the state-of-the-art equipment

    Purchase of a brand new Airbus A320 Door and Slide Trainer for even more effective cabin crew and pilot training.

Quality in everything we do

BAA Training strives to satisfy its clients with services and regularly improve the quality of its activity to serve the clients even better. The academy is proud to be highly rated by the clients for:

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Simulators 0
Theory instructors 0
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Professionalism of staff 0

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